Our hostel is located in Puembo, a rural sector of Quito, where spring is all over the year. It is situated at northeast of Metropolitan Quito, in the homely Tumbaco valley, witness of a rich history over 600 years.

In this area you may find great turistic attractions such as the Chiche River Canyon, which provide a decent walk to enjoy nature. From this bridge, several brave young men and women practice bungee jumping.

The river banks of the Guambi, where you may find a water natural spring and beautiful landscapes will give you spiritual peace and serenity; The Guambi Mill, The ecological path "El Chaquiñán", is an old train route restored , where you can enjoy the landscape whether walking or riding a bicycle.

The Church of Puembo, La Capilla Chiche Obraje and, now, our farm house house named out "SU MERCED" because of its history, have a great cultural value due to its traditional architectural structure with classical and vernacular elements.

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