raicesWe wanted to make out of this room a picture of our roots, evoking the preferences of our parentes and the old loom, always there, in our homeland.

We wanted to capture our heritance and the family experiences and domestic habits used, back there, at the colonial era, like the use of the vertical, the backstrap, or the stake loom, used to make the warm and beautiful blankets that sheltered our dreams.

A room with two beds: 5.25 x 6.23 ft (160x190 cm) with wooden panel's heads separated from each other by an ancient family wooden trunk, wich is part of a family heritance. Through the traditional windows you might see our dreams came true: the ancient farm house completely restored.

If you are a frequent visitor, you may want to stay always in this room, but take care, if you don't set the alarm clock, you may be late for your business meeting or to your flight schedule.

Come in; follow the traces of our roots.



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