Our essence reflected in art and architecture, which are combined with historical elements and of great artistic value, embodied in every corner of the house.
Enjoy comfort and elegance in one place, we have endowed each of our rooms with their own personality; You can choose between several environments and feel like in an old inn or find the ideal place for your memories.
Transport yourself on a relaxing journey, while strolling through a dreamlike environment and walking through our large gardens.

Delight yourself by trying the delicacies of Ecuadorian cuisine with our fusion cuisine, which combines the modern with the traditional of our wood oven.
We have all that and more, but above all, we express the affection of the Ecuadorian, the desire to share experiences and the desire to write a new story together.


So we are

It was an arduous task to try to describe who, like His Mercy, we are. There were several hours in which we discussed how we should introduce ourselves, ideas came and went, paragraphs were made and undone. Not because we didn’t know who we are; About this we could talk long hours with a mulled wine in front of the fireplace.

The problem was to make it short enough for a web page and explanatory enough to get an idea of us.

Until, returning to the origins, we agree that what sets us apart and makes us unique is a combination of our history and our way of thinking.

Therefore, we have detailed that “who we are” through some writings that we classify under two aspects: history and philosophy.

We encourage you to meet us, go ahead, discover the trace of history or leave a new one.



Chapel of colonial architecture, where your most intimate moments will be kept forever, and where you can appreciate the Christ of the Quito School.

Large rooms for social and corporate events, which still retain their wooden floors and the wooden structure seen on the roof.

Enjoy your business lunches and breakfasts, conventions, courses, conferences, Christmas entertainment, presentations, awards, professional tastings, exhibitions, conferences, meetings of board of directors, private meals of partners, etc.

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