Bronze Era


The Bronze Era room is a suite with 160 × 190 cm bronze beds, whose style dates back to the 8th century, in the Charlemagne period.

We remember that, in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, most of the feudal castles, although they had no rooms, had such beds, which were located in the halls.

In Su Merced, we have taken them to a bedroom and we have dressed them with bedspreads made by the skillful and sweet hands of Mrs. Elvita Coronel de Reyes, who has dedicated since childhood for more than 71 years to crochet quilts. As a complement, an elegantly decorated bathroom offers all the necessary facilities for the occupants.





Lodging Includes:
Full breakfast: Drink usually coffee, milk, tea, chocolate, and a glass of citrus juice or seasonal fruit; Breads (in slices or bakery) accompanied by butter, jam, honey or dulce de leche. It includes cold cuts (chicken or pork ham) and cheese. To complete the plate of fruits of the season. Eggs prepared at the customer’s choice. Sometimes yogurt and cereals are included.

3 people

$195 + VAT