This romantic Suite was inspired by the African violet that has ceased to be a symbol of exoticism to become one of the most common varieties in our homes.

The Suite is composed of two rooms; a bedroom with a 165x 190 cm bed, with wooden mesh head and hand carved from the 19th century. A central table, an armchair and a mirror in which the African violet has been painted by hand to complement its romantic air.

The second room, consisting of two equally hand-carved beds and an original armchair. The bathroom is fully equipped, also having a tub in which you can take your bath like in the old days.


Hotel Boutique Casa De Hacienda Su Merced Habitacion Pequeña Casita 3
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Lodging Includes:
Full breakfast: Drink usually coffee, milk, tea, chocolate, and a glass of citrus juice or seasonal fruit; Breads (in slices or bakery) accompanied by butter, jam, honey or dulce de leche. It includes cold cuts (chicken or pork ham) and cheese. To complete the plate of fruits of the season. Eggs prepared at the customer’s choice. Sometimes yogurt and cereals are included.

3 people

$ 195+ VAT