We wanted to make this room something of ours, evoking the tastes of our parents and the loom of our land.

We also wanted to capture the heritage of our family experiences and the domestic customs of the colony such as the vertical loom, the waist loom, or the “stake” loom, which beautifully manufactured the bedspreads that shelter our dreams.

A room with 160 x 190 cm beds, with wooden headboards separated by an old trunk of family heritage that keeps beautiful memories. Through its traditional windows you can see our dreams fulfilled, the old farmhouse completely restored.
If you are a frequent traveler, you will want to have this room always, but be careful, if you are not attentive to the alarm clock, you could be late for your business appointment, or the airport.


Habitación Raíces 1
Habitación Raíces  2



Lodging Includes:
Full breakfast: Drink usually coffee, milk, tea, chocolate, and a glass of citrus juice or seasonal fruit; Breads (in slices or bakery) accompanied by butter, jam, honey or dulce de leche. It includes cold cuts (chicken or pork ham) and cheese. To complete the plate of fruits of the season. Eggs prepared at the customer’s choice. Sometimes yogurt and cereals are included.

2 people

$ 140+ VAT

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